Located next to the Tower Club Lounge, is Room 4911. This Room and 4912 are the two least expensive rooms on the Tower Club level. They are also probably the two worst rooms at the Contemporary Resort!  4911 may have the worst bathroom layout of any hotel room. The bath door opens into the sink and you have to shimmy your way around it to get inside. Followed by another door, which also opens into the sink, to get to the toilet. Also, there is no tub in room 4911. The only reason to book room 4911 is because it is the least expensive way to stay on the 14th floor, or to use as an extra guest room if you have more guests in your party than a suite can accomodate.  However, both 4911 and 4912 still have the oversized balconies like all the suites on the 14th floor.
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